Scene 5, Page 2: …could be better.

Scene 5, Page 2: Second panel is “finished” (though it doesn’t look as good as I’d hoped), first panel has a few figures in place, but I think I’ll redo most of it, I don’t like the way it’s coming together, especially for such a big panel.

Scene 5, Page 4: I’ve been futzing with this last panel for long enough. Still don’t like 1616’s face much, but it’s good enough to go live with. Still missing some background work and one panel. Getting close to releasable.

Scene 5, Page 6: Jesse and 1616 are now fully rendered in panel 2.

Scene 5, Page 7: Jesse and 1616 are now fully rendered in panel 2. This isn’t a typo, Literally the same change happened to both of these pages.

Scene 5 Page 8 vs. the first time I encountered the lighting effect I’m using.

Scene 5, Page 8: This might be my favorite panel in book 2 right now. It’s packed with chat-designed characters, and that lighting effect… I was pretty excited to whip that out. I’ve had it in my pocket since high school, but I hardly ever get to use it these days. Was that really only 14 years ago? Wow. Feels like forever since then.

Scene 5, Page 9: Final panel with 1616 and Jesse inked and colored.

Scene 5, Page 10: The tiniest bit of sketching. As I recall, it was a particularly silly day with chat, and I wasn’t particularly productive. Doesn’t matter, it was a good day. xD

Scene 5, Page 12: Panel 1 completed.

Scene 5, Page 16: Shifted around the final panel so that you can see at least the top of Jesse’s head. It was pure laziness to hide him behind Breen, and it felt weird, given that he’s what Kaya is looking at. Still don’t love it. Oh well.

Scene 5, Page 17: I adding some background people to the final panel, then decided it was upstaging out leads and removed them. Then felt like it didn’t make sense that other people weren’t coming out of the plane so I added just a couple back – with their heads out of frame so we’re not drawn to look too closely. The color of the ground also shifted subtly in this scene across the board, to make it vibe with a softer, more purply light.

Three versions of the final panel of Scene 5, Page 17.

Lieutenant Eric Terro. He’s had to relearn to speak since the beak appeared. His general disposition is that of Eric from the Little Mermaid. He also has Eric’s brows.

Scene 5, Page 20: Whole lotta stuff! Did a whole lot of work on these intense scene-setting backgrounds. I even started revamping my lore-bible map to make it easier to figure out spacing of buildings in the future. We also designed the Lieutenant in the foreground. That is, Sunfire designed an absolutely amazing dude named Terro, who has a chicken beak, and he delighted me so much, I had to give him a prominent spot. The perspective is a little off still in a couple panels, and we’re missing most of the people who should be scattered around the camp, but it’s coming along.

Scene 5, Page 24: The first half is still quite rough, the second half is finished. Spent way too long detailing the weirdness that’s going down in people’s day-to-day lives around here. And by way too long, I mean it was absolutely worth it, and this page is going to rock.

Scene 5, Page 25: Added more background peeps, and some ink/polish here and there.

Still the best Breen.

Scene 5, Page 26: I find it impossible to work on this page on stream. First and last panel got some ink and coloring. Going with a more painterly look on this page to go with Jesse’s feels. Still can’t picture a better version of that weird little thumb Breen.

Scene 6: The update to the shower scene is that streaming nudity while censoring is absurd. I’ll need to get back to it one of these days… but I may well stream on another platform that accepts that artistic nudity is a thing. I did update page 5, as I’d forgotten to remove a censor bar. You’re welcome.

Scene 6, Page 6: A rough sketch has been uploaded! Woo! Let’s get all these other pages in! :D

Scene 7, Page 1: Uploaded a “minimum viable product”-style sketch. I think this is going to be a good page. The layout feels right to me.

Scene 7, Page 2: This sketch is a little rougher than usual. I had a hard time getting the pacing right in this scene, and wound up chopping up a few former drafts and splicing it back together. So the spacing it weird. I think it’s still relatively legible. :P

Scene 7, Page 3, 4: Solid minimum sketches

This angle is tough for me. My sister, Dannika had to bail me out and tell me what was going wrong.

Scene 7, Page 5: Sketched, one panel is almost ready to be inked, because I used it as a case study for a particular angle of Jesse that I was having a hard time with (both on this page and elsewhere).

Scene 7, Page 6: Sketched but…

Hold up! I just realized that this is exactly the same problem I’ve been having on Scene 5, Page 2, Panel two at the top of this post! It’s the same damn angle, it’s the same damn problem, isn’t it? I keep trying to turn it to a 3/4 view, but there’s more head-lift than there is head-turn! GAH.

Okay, mystery solved. Page 6 is uploaded and whatever.

Avante Garde “finished” page. ;)

I mean, actually, Page 6 looks absolutely absurd. Someone challenged me to “finish” a page in ten minutes. So right now, Page 6 is what happens if I try to block/lay out a page in that time. x’D

Scene 8, Page 1: Similarly quite rough, also drawn in literally ten minutes. My favorite part is the note-to-self that’s supposed to say “tools”, but very much looks like it’s calling Jesse and Kaya “fools”.

Scene 8, Page 2: Quite rough as well, but somewhat more understandable, I think. These are all barely presentable, but I want to push past them so I can get finished pages that are later in the book posted.

Scene 8, Page 3: Basically done! Not entirely happen with the expression in panel 1, but I couldn’t tell you what exactly is wrong, and I wouldn’t be mad if that’s what got published.

Scene 8, Page 4: If this page isn’t done, then I’ve never released a finished page in my life. This shit looks good.

Scene 8, Page 5: Might tweak the lighting/contrast here later, but this is probably finished.

Scene 8, Page 6: Done done done

Scene 8, Page 7: Done-zorasaurus

Scene 8, Page 8: Done… ish? I wrapped this as fast as I could because I wanted to upload. But there’s some stuff I’d like to look a little better. the values are pretty muddy for one. I also learned that Kaya’s 3d model needs bigger hands.

Scene 8, Page 9: Sketched. But posted. Because there’s two solid pages right after this.

Scene 8, Page 10: First third is done, the rest is just a fairly nice color sketch. I have high hopes for this page. I think it has potential to be very interesting. I’m missing a bit of uh… I need an effect to imply something weird is happening with the wall, but I’m not sure how to do it yet.