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Why “YourFaceisPretty”?

Because people are beautiful, but lots of people don’t see that in themselves. <3

Yo, but what can I call you? “Face”? “Pretty”?

My name is Kathryn Sullivan, but I’ll respond to lots of name-like words, including pronouns like “she” or “they” or even “he” if that’s what pops out of your mouth. It’s all good by me.

This comic (We Are No One), do you have a script or are you writing by the seat of your pants?

Yup! I’ve got a full script, laid out (to track page-turns) in InDesign. It’s 641 pages long, though that might shift a little as we go. Sometimes I realize I can do something in blocking that I thought needed dialog…. and sometimes I realize the blocking I’ve written is too complicated and needs an extra page.

How long until the next book comes out?

You can check my progress on a fancy progress diagram on the We Are No One main page. Changelogs are available in the Behind the Scenes section. If you want to see EXACTLY where I’m at in the process, visit me on Twitch: I draw live at least three times a week.
It took five years to do the first book, but I had to write the script at the same time. I’m moving much faster now, and I draw much better, but I’m still a newb at this graphic novel thing, so the honest answer is that I just don’t know yet.

Did you go to school for art?

Nope! I’m just really, really obsessive.

How long have you been drawing?

I dunno? Always? I’ve always drawn.
If you’re secretly asking “how many years behind you am I? I feel like I’m never going to catch up.” Well heck, we’re all on the same, wild, winding, branching path here; you’re not “behind” just because you just started walking it recently.