Updated pages today, because I’m feeling tired today, and wanted to show brain how much work we’ve done in the last few months.

Scene 4, Page 1: I messed up and had page 2 twice (instead of this location card, which lets us know that we don’t know where we are.) Uploaded the correct page. This is why I do this periodically.

Scene 4, Page 2: There are two people who speak from off-screen in this scene, and I discovered during the live reading of the full script I did a few months ago that layout alone wasn’t enough to indicate which was which. Used blue text on one to differentiate.

Scene 4, Page 3: Inked and Colored panel 2. Complete.

Scene 4, Page 5

Scene 4, Page 4: Inked and Colored. Complete. Bam.

Scene 4, Page 5: Inked and Colored. Complete. Bammity Bam Bam.

Scene 4, Page 6: Inked and Colored… but also managed to forget the handcuffs on 1616 AGAIN, so I’ll need to edit. So glad I’m done with all these handcuff scenes, I’ve had to redraw SO many panels just from forgetting those darn things.

Scene 5, Page 1: Some minor inking, but nothing to write home about.

Scene 5, Page 3: Inked the middle panel. Kept the original coloring from the sketch, because it looked good, and laziness is efficiency when it comes to overblown projects.

Scene 5, Page 4: Poked at Jesse’s face, did some background work.


Scene 5, Page 5

Scene 5, Page 5: Designed the Captain’s badass boots. Re-did the last panel’s expressions AGAIN. Decided there was just no way to get the “wait-what”/mildly amused look on Jesse’s face without seeing both brows. Still figuring out the intricacies of 1616’s facial muscles.

Scene 5, Page 6: Having a blast drawing this page live on Twitch (as I’ve been doing with most pages now). My art buddies and I designed the two extras seen in panel 2. The left-most dude with the poof-hair and the glasses is named Populi, and he was arrested for stealing glasses. The nub next to him is called Halls, and had a job at the last prison he was at as a cook. He makes his own hair gel.
Had a good time drawing all the technical plane stuff too. I’d love to actually design the “Operation Mop Bucket Safety Procedures” sign.

Scene 5, Page 7: Managed to ink and color the bottom panel without loosing what I loved about the sketch. Huge win. Also, I forgot to mention, I changed the Captain’s text bubbles so they have red outlines, so you can always tell when she’s talking. She talks from offscreen a lot, so that was necessary.

Scene 5, Page 8: Designed the nose-picking guy. Who I decided is Officer Rivers, a relatively important tertiary character. He shouldn’t have a gun though. I forgot to change that.

Scene 5, Page 9, 10, and 11: Just that word bubble change for the Captain.

Scene 5, Page 12 and 13: After a lot of fighting, I managed to flesh out the missing blocking. I’m working on a video about this process… but this scene is much harder than I thought it would be. There’re just so many bodies, and it’s such a big story transition.

Scene 5, Page 14: Expanded the first panel to include Kaya as well as Jesse, for reasons that I’ll explain in that video… mostly because it’s for squishy feely reasons that I don’t quite have words for yet. I’ll figure it out.

Scene 5, Page 15: My stream buddies helped me decide where to put the numerical badges on the uniforms, and give our main quartet their numbers. Breen’s number is 6508. That’s the only change.

Scene 5, Page 16: Some (attempted) anatomy fixes. Draw a Kaya in the last panel. Still missing background characters.

Scene 5, Page 17: Finally edited to deal with that Jesse backstory change I made right before completing the script. Also mostly inked and colored. Nice.

Scene 5, Page 18: One simple change: the first panel is now a medium shot, and we only pull in when Breen offers his hand. I can’t quite explain why this is correct, but it is. Something about the difference between a giant story about conspiracies and murder, and a quiet story about friends. Something about that.

Scene 5, Page 20: I don’t know why this is considered the same scene, but whatever. Did some world design in the first panel. Nothing is finished.

Scene 5, Page 21: Little bit o’ lettering.

Scene 5, Page 22: Kaya’s pronunciation correction now lettered like: “DELINIATED”

Scene 5, Page 25: Tidied up for temporary legibility. Still just a fast sketch.

Scene 6, Page 1… but censored.

Scene 6, Page 1: Found a way to stream drawing naked people without getting slammed by censorship. I’m just going to lean into how absurd it is that I have to censor at all. With stickers. Digital stickers.
I’m excited to use this scene as an excuse to get better at full-body drawing.

Scene 6, Page 4: I put a chunk of script on this page to explain what the hell is going on, because it’s a weird friggen page to finish on. :P

YAY UPDATE! Honestly, I thought there was more. Oh well, there will be soon! Woo!