How You Can Help

As you’re probably at least semi-aware: for my second anniversary of starting my stream; I’m hosting a 24-hour, Drawing-Turtles-Forever-Until-We-Can-Buy-A-Cushion-For-Our-Friend-Kris fundraiser stream to buy my mod and friend, KristheKrippled, the wheelchair cushion he needs.

The GoFundMe

Our goal is $1600 (USD) for just one cushion*, which will relieve Kris’s difficulties immediately; with a stretch goal of $3150 (USD) to provide him with a backup, solving the problem for the foreseeable future.

The gofundme can be found here:

*(I estimated that the average donor would give $15, incurring roughly $73.50 in gofundme service fees for $1500 in donations. Stretch goal might be adjusted, based on the number of donors it takes to reach the initial goal.)