Make an image of a turtle (don’t worry about technique, it’s about heart!)

Using an image editor of your choice, apply the provided overlay to create a social media post.

Placing Willibrordus’s hilarious and wonderful render of a turtle into the psd provided below.

Empty png. Save and use as an overlay.



When you’re done with your image, post it to social media platforms or forums, choosing some copy from the options below:

The Long Option (Insta, Facebook, Forums etc):

Our friend Kris is getting screwed over by the US healthcare system, and our corner of the internet is going to try to party our way to buy a solution. 24hrs+ of raging against the machine through the power of turtle art and friendship.
June 2nd, 12pm PST YourFaceisPretty’s Twitch channel. Wheelchair seats are supposed to last at least 2 years, but in the last two years, Kris has had to replace his SIX TIMES; and you wouldn’t believe the bureaucratic hell he’s put through every time that has to happen. Meanwhile, there are fun things like slowly falling over and pressure sores while he waits.
We’re pretty over him getting hurt by something as little as a good seat. Just 1.6k will get a cushion of proper quality.
If you’d like to give before the event:
If you can’t give monetarily right now: Bigger viewcount -> Higher visibility stream. Just showing up to party really helps us.
If you’d like to help spread the word, draw a turtle on this image template, and share this with your friends.

The Abridged Version (3 tweets):

Our friend Kris is getting hurt by not having a good seat for his wheelchair – and we’re pretty over that. Our corner of the internet is gonna try to party our way to buying a solution.
Bigger viewcount – > Higher visibility stream. Please come party with us on June 2nd.

Here is the fundraiser link for Kris:

Partytime on June 2nd, 12pm PST, at YourFaceisPretty’s Twitch channel:


With thanks to the artist, AbyssalEros, who made edits to the copy for twitter on the fly, and I preferred his wording.


If you’d like to send me your turtle post, I will joyously display it on stream, and the people will love it! (Don’t forget to sign your work. <3)


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