About Me

self_thinkingMy name is Kathryn, and everything in this gallery was hand drawn by me. I’ve been studying portraiture for about ten years, but I’ve been drawing since I’ve been able to hold a pen. I started working when I realized I’d started forgetting the faces of people I used to know, and care about. It began with a pencil and paper, but I switched to digital when I realized how far it could take me with my love of fine detail.

I work almost entirely off low-res images, frames from youtube, or long-distance shots. I enjoy restoring details, fixing awkward expressions, changing light sources, dealing with jpg artifacts. Call me a masochist, but reproducing an already good photo is no fun at all. I want to be better than a camera. I want to recreate reality.

People are beautiful. The scars, the pimples, the asymmetries, the inconsistancies and awkwardnesses. Our faces are not us, but they record where we’ve been. We spend far too much time trying to clean ourselves of what makes us human.

I really wish I could show every one exactly how pretty they are to me.

Too bad I need to sleep sometimes.

– Kathryn