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“Tom, in Green”


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I spent a lot of time drawing Tom Smith. I came across him in a music video
one day (An End Has a Start, by ‘Editors’) when I was feeling frustrated with my inability to “draw people that
look like the right people”. I figured, if I could just get one face right,
just one person figured out, I’d be able to draw any one. So I sat down and
started drawing.
And it worked.
After five years.
Completed in 2010, this was the last serious portrait of Tom Smith (though
“Tom Smith, Abby Remix” was polished and released in 2011), at some point I
realized I had nothing left to learn there and moved on. The reference was
some youtube video frame, drawn in different colors for funzies.

Photoshop CS4, Waccom Bambo Fun, 60 to 80 hours
Portrait of Tom Smith
8.5×11″ archival quality, signed giclée print