“Chris Urbanowicz”


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I met Abby in 2010 at an “Editors” concert, she’s a fabulous concert/event photographer, and I was there to give lead singer Tom Smith a painting in thanks for being awesome. And for having an awesome face. It’s a great disappointment to me that I didn’t have the time to at least make a second for Chris Urbanowicz, who has one of the best faces ever.

If you happen to be Chris Urbanowicz, you are awesome, and if you want that painting I promised you five years ago, let me know where I can send it. Cheers.

Abby linked me to her photo album, and I picked a couple somewhat blurrier ones from the show to reference.
Photoshop CS4, waccom bamboo fun tablet, 50-ish hours.
Portrait of ‘Chris Urbanowicz’, as photographed by Abby Williamson.
8.5×11″ archival quality, signed giclée print