We Are No One cover Image. Book one: work in progress.


What you are about to see is basically an open rehearsal.

More than half of it is complete, though there are still many sketches and notes in the margins.
Final release is set for the 24th of November, at which point I’ll have all 70 full-color pages of book one. (On completion, the story should span about 500 pages.)
Until then, I’ll be showing off progress here. Updates will be frequent, but unscheduled.

I’m making this for you, so your feedback is incredibly valuable. I’m putting this out here, unpolished as it is, to test it against real people. Without the responses I’ve gotten I’d never have gotten this far, and I welcome any comments and critique you might have.

Thank you in advance. <3

COUNTDOWN TO RELEASE: How much time I have to finish everything. D:








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